Exterior Trim Replacement in Newport News, Virginia


The trim surrounding the exterior of your house, whether it’s vinyl or wood, undergoes wear and tear. Trim in disrepair does not only look unsightly, but it can allow water to get underneath and create further damage. While bad weather and other elements will inescapably cause damage, you can make repairs and replace trim so the outside of your house looks more appealing. Contact Handyman Connection of Virginia Beach for trim repair and replacement.

How Do I Know My Trim Needs Replacement?

As you walk around your house, inspect for any cracks, holes, damaged, loose or rotting wood. Checking for this helps establish whether you can repair the wood if you need to replace individual pieces or must replace all the trim around doors and windows. If the wood isn’t decaying, excessively distorted or majorly broken, a handyman can make a few fast fixes to restore trim to ideal condition.

Exterior Trim Options

  • Wood: Wood is the most common material for external trim. It’s available in either solid boards or finger-jointed sections. Finger-jointed wood trim is simply shorter wood pieces that lock together. It’s easy to install wood trim and holds paint well.
  • Plastic: Plastic trim comes in two forms, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Polyutherane is slightly more expensive, but slightly denser and prepared to paint. PVC should be sanded prior to painting.
  • Fiber-cement: This is a combination of cement, sand and wood-fiber support. It’s tough, fire retardant and immune to water and insects. Most fiber-cement trim is moisture repellant, which means paint will look good for years to come.
  • Laminated veneer lumber: Layers of wood veneer in a parallel granule and two veneer crossbands are covered by an average density coating to make this substance.
  • Hardboard: Hardboard exterior trim is engineered from hardwood chips that are warmed with steam and water and then pressed into board stock. During pressing, lignin that is part of wood will become present again and serve as a paste to hold the board together. This makes the hardboard more immune to rot than wood.

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Does your home’s exterior need to be replaced? Contact Handyman Connection of Virginia Beach for a complimentary estimate. New trim not only creates a good-looking exterior for your house, it also provides waterproof protection at corners and around doors and windows. With more materials to use than ever before, there is no time like the present to replace your aged, decaying exterior trim.

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